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The Jet Lag Games

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We'll admit: All this talk about the World Baseball Classic is starting to get us somewhat all a-twitter. Not only are we being promised meaningful baseball a month early, but everyone appears to be showing up: Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, even Roger Clemens, delaying his I'll-retire-I-mean-it-Houston contract routine for a month or so. (Honestly, we can't believe people are surprised when Clemens pulls even more money crap. The guy is just as bad as Terrell Owens — probably worse.)

But Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci points out a pretty serious problem: Not only is FOX not telecasting any of the games — which is hardly a problem, though we like the idea of Tim McCarver trying to pronounce a bunch of Japanese names — but the title games won't get started until about 10 p.m. at night. Not to go all Phil Mushnick on you here, but 10 p.m.? Start time? We're gonna have to take a vacation just so we can watch these games in downtown Tokyo at noon.


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(By the way, why are we hearing so much about the World Baseball Classic right now? Because tickets go on sale next week, of course!)

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