The Kids At This Pirates Game Are Absolutely Out Of Control

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Image: ESPN

The Milwaukee Brewers are on the road and blowing out the Pirates tonight, so it can’t be an especially fun night to be a young Pittsburgh fan at the ballpark. But oh my goodness gracious, Generation Z is misbehaving all over the outfield during this game. Hopped up on dingers and who knows what else, these rowdy kids are causing absolute mayhem while everyone on the field is just trying to play a nice nine innings of baseball.

The first sign of trouble came just two outs into the game, when Brewers second baseman Keston Hiura slugged a ball deep into right-center where it was caught right out of the air by a high-school-aged (I think) fan. Rather than enjoy the souvenir, the left-handed whippersnapper turned towards the Allegheny River and chucked that two-run homer into a watery grave. (Milwaukee’s local broadcast, shown below, spared us the disrespect by cutting away, but ESPN’s, seen above, refused to censor the heinous act.)

The madness only increased from there. In the third inning, Jacob Stallings cut into a five-run Brewers lead with a solo shot—another dinger that went straight into a young man’s glove, this time to left field. It was Trent Grisham who went back to the wall trying to make a spectacular play, but when the home run instead plopped into the kid’s grasp, the horror of teenage taunting was unleashed upon the completely unprepared Brewers outfielder. Grisham, bravely, stayed in the game.


It was Hiura, in a fifth-inning AB, who finally put the youth in their place. His second dong of the game was hit to straight-away center—absolute no-man’s land for any amateur with a glove who might like to make a statement.


Yeah, try to get to that one, punks.