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Well shit, man, nobody’s prepared to deal with big NBA news the morning after the Super Bowl, but here we are. According to multiple reports, Derek Fisher is out as head coach of the New York Knicks.


So, what the hell is this about? The Knicks have been on an awful run lately, dropping nine of their last 10 games, but this has been a generally positive season in New York. After winning just 17 games last year, the Knicks hovered around .500 for a good chunk of the season before this latest string of losses brought them to 23-31. That’s not exactly a record to brag about, but Kristaps Porzingis’s development and Carmelo Anthony’s general good mood had this feeling like a very mellow and productive campaign. But I suppose it was only a matter of time before the Knicks found away to get right back into their typical melodrama.

Kurt Rambis will reportedly be the interim coach—please note that Rambis is a fucking disaster as a head coach and things may get a lot worse before they get better—but the Knicks reportedly have their eyes on a few other long-term solutions:


Sure, why not?

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