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The Knicks Know How To Handle A Problem

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The Isiah Thomas sexual harassment case updates will come earlier today, mainly because we really can't get over just how Cro-Magnon Madison Square Garden appears to be as a place of business. We know a couple of women who work over there ourselves, actually, and we want to tell them to get the hell out before they're dragged to their next meeting by their hair.


In today's sensitive workplace environment, there are several ways to handle an employee who is alleging sexual harassment. You can sit down with the employee and document their complaints. You can fire the person who was harassing. You can even start lawyering up. One thing that's not smart, though, is just firing the accuser. That's a terrible way to avoid a sexual harassment case. But that's what James Dolan did.

Dolan said he made a split-second decision to fire Sanders in January 2006 without the advice of lawyers - and knowing she had lodged sexual-harassment charges.

"All decisions at the Garden I make on my own," the cocky chairman testified. "I specifically . . . did not consult with counsel. "I felt that the overall health of the Garden was at jeopardy here and that . . . would override any opinion of counsel."

Clearly, a smart move: The health of the Garden is no jeopardy right now, not at all. Fortunately, Dolan is white, so he didn't call anybody a bitch. Whew.

And yet, still: They refuse to settle this case. The Knicks legitimately believe this mess is vindicating them. It's almost like they don't know what they're doing over there.

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