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The Knicks haven't been particularly coy about leaking the designs for their new jerseys. Two weeks, ago, there were the screenshots from an NBA 2K12 preview, and a league source quickly confirmed their authenticity. Yesterday, Amar'e Stoudemire showed up wearing the new uni on Live! With Kelly And Pat Kiernan Michael. All in all, they may not have been totally committed to secrecy.

This morning was the official unveiling, at the Hugo Boss store in Chelsea, and there wasn't much left to unveil. (A better descriptor for today would be "the on-sale date.") There are no major changes, but there are a few minor ones:

• The "New York" is significantly less arched.
• No more black lining. (The color black now belongs solely to that other New York team.)
• The piping is gone from the sides of the jersey, now limited to just around the armpits.
• The "token" logo on the back is gone, replaced by the word "Knicks" inside a basketball.


Here are a couple of photos:

Now. Let's talk the Easter egg in these uniforms, the slogan printed on the inside back collar. "Once a Knick, always a Knick." Is that a threat? It sounds like a threat. You can check out anytime you like, Jeremy Lin, but you can never leave. Don't forget, Nate Robinson, you're here forever. Maybe the slogan works for guys who actually are stuck with this mess for all eternity, like Allan Houston and Herb Williams, but could we just let David Wingate live out his retirement in peace?

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