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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled The L.A. Kings Created A Handy Infographic So The Citys Media Will Know Who They Are

We've already tipped our caps to the social-media prowess of the Los Angeles Kings and their outstanding Twitter feed, @LAKings. And here they go again, staying ahead of the narrative as only they can.


With three different L.A. television stations now having botched the ability to discuss the city's hockey team without some degree of confusion, the Kings' social media people have come up with a quick, easy-to-read guide to help everyone sort things out (click image to enlarge). In the weeks ahead, should L.A. capture the Stanley Cup for the first time, this ought to keep anyone from crediting the Kings with winning the Super Bowl.

[L.A. Kings; h/t to Tom L.]

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