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Well, now it appears that the "secret source" for Rafael Palmeiro's steroid wasn't a "source" or, for that matter, a "steroid." (But Palmeiro's name was, in fact, spelled correctly.) It turns out that Palmeiro told Congress that Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada gave Palmeiro a B-12 Vitamin, which is not only not a steroid and not only not illegal, but also mainly used to help pregnant women lactate. (Which explains that little pool and gathering of kittens that always followed behind him.)


Tejada has been cleared by Bud Selig of any wrongdoing and has to be wondering what kind of fun he could have alone in a room with Palmeiro and a polo mallet. Fortunately, Palmeiro will not return to the Orioles this season and his career is likely now over. Which is probably for the best. A little known fact: Every picture of Palmeiro now looks like the one above, scared, evasive, mustachey.

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