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The Lady Who Yelled At Cops To Stop Beating, Tasing The Patriotic Pirates Fan Was Fined $1,000

Remember the clearly patriotic Pirates fan who got billy clubbed and Tased at PNC Park earlier this month? Of course you do, but here's a link to it anyway. Dude's name is Scott Ashley. He's 40, from Friendship, but isn't due in court until May 25 to face charges of harassment, public drunkenness, misdemeanor disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The lady screaming "Oh my God, stop it" in the background, though, she was in court yesterday. Her name is Amanda Harle, and she's a producer at Pittsburgh's CBS affiliate, KDKA. Apparently that wasn't all she said. Detective Michael Pilyih whined that Harle "yelled several times, 'I work for KDKA and I'm going to fry you.' ... She threw a kick at me."


So, Ladybird Pilyih was in court yesterday when a judge dismissed aggravated assault, misdemeanor disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges against Harle but found her guilty of summary defiant trespassing, harassment and disorderly conduct. Pittsburgh's a safer place.

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