The Lakers Starting Point Guard Was MVP Of The D-League

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Andrew Goudelock played 41 minutes last night for the Los Angeles Lakers and scored 20 points. Only Dwight Howard and fellow brother-in-obscurity Darius Morris scored more.

The Lakers drafted Goudelock in 2011 and he spent all of last year with the team, averaging 4.4 points in 40 games. He was the last player cut before the season this year and spent his time in the NBA's developmental league. He averaged 21.4 points and nearly six assists a game this year, earning MVP honors, which is kind of like having the most home runs in minor league history.

Goudelock said he made about $24,000 in the Development League. Between his meager salary and his $40 in daily meal money, times were so tight that he had to ask his longtime girlfriend for financial assistance.

“She's giving me money and she's still in college,” Goudelock said. “So I'm like, man, this is just terrible. I didn't have any other choice. There were some days I couldn't even eat.”


The Lakers brought Goudelock back on April 14th, a depth move after Kobe's season-ending injury. Prior to last night he had one playoff appearance and played six minutes. Lakers assistant coach Chuck Person told him about an hour and a half before tipoff last night that he would be starting. Goudelock was refreshingly loose before the game and approached his night as a chance to play with house money.

“The pressure is on the big fella and the big fella over there. I'm just a guy that got a good opportunity. Whether I do well or not, nobody's going to care. Twitter might rip me up, but I'm so used to that. I turn off my phone and I'll be fine. They'll forget in two days.”


He's right, you know; the Lakers will likely be eliminated in two days.

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