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The Learning Curve: Diminishing Skills

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This segment is called "The Learning Curve" where you, young blog proprietor, will get a link to your new site on Deadspin. Any and all questions you may have about being a successful blogger will (hopefully) be answered.


Not by me, though. Consider this a "Dear Abby" for blog publishers and, you, proud, angry, often cruel commentariat should provide your helpful tips on success.

Now, thick skin is a requirement for every blogger. But do try to be helpful as well.


Don't just torture all these people and trounce on their dreams in the comments - email them your tips, your real suggestions, your advice, etc. Touch lives and all that.

Today: Diminishing Skills, a blogspot production with an editor who lacks confidence (even though he has a pretty bad-ass first name) and is slowly losing hope unless you fine people can convince him otherwise.

My name is Canaan and I've been writing a blog called Diminishing Skills on-and-off (until recently, mostly off) since 2006. After moving to a town in the middle of nowhere, I've been updating it more regularly, and I was hoping that I could get some advice from your esteemed commenters on how to drive up readership (currently, I think I'm the only person who's ever laid eyes on 90 percent of the blog's content). The big thing I'm looking to get out of this is some feedback on whether putting as much time as I do into writing Diminishing Skills is actually worth it, since the few people who actually have seen the blog don't ever let me know what they thought about it. Beyond the writing, the layout is a Blogger template, so any tips on how to make it a bit more personal and flashy would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing both the good and the bad (mostly the bad; I regret not having a blog name that could be twisted into meaning two hobos' cocks, but I'm sure someone will think of something). Thanks!

Offer your personalized flashy tips for Canaan.

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