I can't speak for the other MMA newbs out there, but I learned a few things during the EliteXC broadcast last night: apparently all MMA fights are stopped well before necessary. That and Kimbo Slice might not be living up to his outsize reputation. First, the announcer described internet sensation was saved by the bell at the end of the second round as he was trapped by James Thompson and taking a couple dozen consecutive shots to his baldie pate. Then, of course, Thompson's bolus-ear-thing went splooge all over the ring and that was that.

All in all, even if there very several questionable stoppages, there was no questioning the entertainment value of the event. Gus Johnson was in fine form with his "PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH!" See, when I met Gus the other week, this is what I was hoping for (the screaming, not the punching). But nnnoooo, it was all "Look at all these fucking hot women" only in his best indoor voice (even though it was outside).

I wonder if he had the same to say about Gina Carano? I know I did.