The Marlins Asked Fans To Share Their Favorite Memories From This Season. It Went About How You'd Expect.

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Yesterday, the Miami Marlins posted the lovely photo you see above on the team's Facebook page.

The photo was accompanied by a caption that read, "The sun sets on Marlins Park and & the 2012 season. What will you remember most about the inaugural year at Marlins Park? SHARE your thoughts with us!"

And share they did! The photo has been commented on more than 200 times, and the majority of them are just as snarky and mean-spirited as you'd expect them to be. Here are a few of our favorites:

I remember being so exited only to be let down again by the team

me booing Bell,Buck,Petersen...oh,and me laughing at Gorkys Hernandez .192 avg and starting center field on a MLB team,ours

How horrible the whole entire franchise is run. We had the players to finish with a better record. Horrible management.

The Stadium being empty most of the year bc we blew

A stadium that voters turned down but still was built? A team full of big names but delivered nothing . An owner that does not listen to its fans. And a manager that has a big stupid mouth that blew it all. Sincerely a former season ticket holder.

Heath Bell lmao

Remember, this is a team that euchred a new stadium that they couldn't fill out of Miami-Dade taxpayers, and then proceeded to have another fire sale in the middle of the season. They deserve this.


h/t John