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The Mavericks Made A Superman-Themed Video For Dwight Howard

Mark Cuban decided to release the video the Mavericks used to woo Dwight Howard to Dallas. It's basically a trailer for a superhero cartoon that never happened.

Dwight, like every single other athlete, is really into the mythos of Superman. Realizing this, the Mavericks ripped off the music from Man of Steel and created a two minute cartoon depicting Dwight—just like Superman—landing in Atlanta, Georgia in 1985 and growing up to save the world from the all-too-real threat of non-Mavericks-won NBA championships.

He also shares a few yucks with an absolutely granite-jawed Mark Cuban, who is at one point shown smoking a victory cigar like Red Auerbach, one presumes.


Dwight Howard is a center for the Houston Rockets.


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