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The Military Asked ESPN For Help With Its Drone Program

For all the contentiousness of the presidential debates, both parties could agree on one thing: Flaming death from the sky, now and forever. The use of unmanned drones to surveil and occasionally blow up brown people is so accepted as a matter of course, the Worldwide Leader in Sports didn't hesitate to add its expertise to help the program run as efficiently as possible.

According to USA Today, the military's main problem is collecting and processing the staggering amount of data being captured by drones—327,384 hours' worth last year. So the Air Force approached ESPN, asking how they do it:

Air Force officials have met with the sports cable network ESPN to discuss how it handles large amounts of video that stream in. The visit resulted in no technological breakthroughs, but helped in developing training and expertise, the Air Force said.


Certainly ESPN has a massive operation capable of quickly turning scores of games into easily digestible highlights. I'm just not sure how effective the Air Force's drones are going to be when they're covering New York and Boston 90 percent of the time.

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