The puck from Patrick Kane's Stanley Cup-winning goal disappeared in June. Since then, a Chicago restaurant has offered $50,000 for it, the FBI has disproved one impostor, and a multiple-angle Zapruder film emerged. It's significant piece of rubber, you see.

Over at Crossing Broad, five YouTube videos have conspired to form an impressive argument that linesman Steve Miller picked up the puck and either a) kept it for himself; b) handed it off to a referee who gave it to a player who gave it to another player; or c) gave it to an unidentified man in a suit who wandered off into a Philadelphia summer night and left it to us to speculate to the soundtrack of "The Joker":

If the puck ever does turn up, and if the FBI proves it's the one using specialized equipment to "compare each digitally enhanced images they have of the winning goal," the Harry Caray Restaurant Group will turn over $50K for it, Chris Pronger will likely be absolved (at least a little bit), and we โ€” as is often the case with things named Steve Miller โ€” will never get those five minutes back.

UPDATE: FBI Helping Chicago Restaurant Look for Game 6 Puck, We Think We Know Who Has It [Crossing Broad]