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The MLB Rulebook Makes No Sense And You Will Fail This Quiz On It

Yet another reason we love Jayson Stark with all our hearts: Today, he tackles the labyrinthine MLB rulebook, and gives a 10-question quiz to players, coaches, and media members. They didn't do so hot.

Parts of it are over 150 years old. It's 125 pages, 50,000 words, and much of it concerns hypothetical situations that an umpire will never, ever have to deal with. But they're in there, just in case. Stark, with the help of "baseball rules expert" Rich Marazzi, took 10 unlikely situations, and turned them into true/false questions.


Twenty players took the quiz, and averaged a 5.5. Five coaches averaged a 6.6. And seven writers averaged a 4.4. (Remember, it's true/false. By guessing you should be able to get a five.) Only one test-taker—D-Backs reliever Brad Ziegler—got a perfect score. ESPN's Aaron Boone somehow scored a one.

The quiz is here. Take it, and report back with your score.


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