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The Houston Dynamo — or Dynamos; whatever — won the MLS Cup Trophy earlier this year. Way to go, guys; we're happy for you. In a way to try to promote the league and team, the Dynamo has decided to temporarily auction off the trophy.

Yes, for as little as 600 bucks, you could spend your Christmas with the MLS Cup.

If you're a Dynamo fan within deep enough pockets, you can bid on the chance to do whatever you want with the trophies. And I mean anything. You just need to live within 40 miles of Houston, and be willing to spend an hour with the media on Christmas Day. Oh yeah, and have enough money to do it.


Wait, you can do anything? We suspect Daulerio could come up with a few ideas ....

Here's How You Can Spend Christmas With The MLS Cup [Lion In Oil]

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