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The Most Badass Goals Are Roberto Firmino's No-Look Goals

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Photo: Clive Brunskill (Getty)

Liverpool’s Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino may be the hardest working center forward in the game, but don’t get it twisted: he still manages to couple his indefatigable off-ball work with more than a little of that old samba flair. His elaborate goal celebrations are probably the most indicative of his flashy nature—most memorably his patented shirt removal fake-out one—but sometimes he doesn’t even wait for the ball to hit the net to stunt on people.

Case in point: his gloriously cocky no-look goal from this weekend’s match against West Ham.

If that move of his looks familiar to you, it should. We’ve pointed out before the polar qualities of his “I don’t even need to look when I’m shooting this, that’s how confident I am that I’m going to score here” technique when he’s clear on an open net, and thanks to an eagle-eyed tweeter, we now know that this is something Firmino has pulled off multiple times over the years.


No one is having more fun out there than Firmino, and that makes watching him all the more fun for those of us at home. Just, uh, make sure not to miss one.

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