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The Most Boring Moments From Jimmer Fredette's Fascinatingly Boring YouTube Channel

So, yes, having these clips compiled does imply that I sat through nearly all 40 videos on the "Follow Jimmer" YouTube channel, and yes, I am slightly ashamed of that implication (did I get Jimmered?), but I'll stand by the belief that it was totally worth it. Jimmer Fredette & Family have embarked on a carefully curated marketing plan — the core of which seems to be "If you Jimmer, they will come" — in which they present the NBA prospect as the most normal, boring, mild-mannered white Mormon basketball guard in the history of the United States. It's brilliant, though: by underlining his extreme normality, they're also making him extremely marketable. Jimmer can do no wrong, Jimmer will do no wrong. Jimmer will silently eat a sub for 14 seconds, and you will like it.

In fact, you'll probably buy a signature Jimmer Subway sandwich in five months because of it: baloney, cheese, mayo. On Wonder Bread.


Video via Follow Jimmer.

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