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The Most Loathsome Talking Head of Them All

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An enterprising young Atlanta Braves blogger, truly a guy after our own hearts, had become exhausted with screaming at his television set every time he turned on ESPN. As a way to rage against the machine, he set up The Road From Bristol, a 64-person bracket meant to resolve, once and for all, who the most loathsome ESPN personality was. His readers voted on each matchup, and the winner turned out to be ... Stuart Scott! Everyone's favorite boo-yaher sneaked past Stephen A. Smith in the Final Four and Skip Bayless in the finals. We only wish Stuart could give Stuart the trophy himself.


Anyway, now that that's done, our intrepid blogger is continuing to tilt at the proverbial windmill: He's set up a bracket for the most loathsome non-ESPN sports personalities. Currently, Steve "Psycho" Lyons is hammering Craig Sager; earlier, Tim McCarver — an early favorite — drilled hapless Dan Marino. Go vote!

The Road From Bristol (NIT Version) [BravesBeat]
The Road From Bristol (Final ESPN Bracket) [Braves Beat] (PDF)

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