The Nationals Bunted In The Winning Run From First Because The Astros Played Defense Like Morons

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I had to watch the video below twice just to make sense of how mind-bogglingly terrible the Astros were on this play. After Roger Bernadina led off the 11th with a single, the Nats were simply hoping to have Kurt Suzuki bunt him over to second. But that's when the Astros went to work, and just look at that masterpiece of derp they put together.

Officially, Houston was charged with two throwing errors, but my favorite part might be when third baseman Matt Downs trips over first baseman Steve Pearce's foot and proceeds to make an exaggerated fall right in the path of Pearce's errant throw to first. Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog has compiled reactions from some of the D.C. and Houston media (sample: "What a collapsed circus tent that was."). All I've got to add is a hearty salute to the Astros and their staggering incompetence.


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