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The NBA made it just two weeks as Seth Curry tests positive for COVID-19

Seth Curry left the bench after the first quarter.
Seth Curry left the bench after the first quarter.
Image: AP

If you had 15 days in the pool of when the NBA season would become a mess, please collect your winnings at the window.

Seth Curry tested positive for COVID-19, which he and the 76ers found out during their game on Thursday night with the Nets. Curry was on the bench for the first quarter, until he was pulled And now the Sixers are stuck quarantining in New York.

Given what we know about the incubation period of the virus, and the fact that his teammates and staff have been around him all that time, the most prudent thing to do would be to postpone the Sixers’ next few games. They’re due to play Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


Of course, that won’t happen because the NBA doesn’t want the scheduling headache, and will try to hide under their contract tracing. Curry never made it onto the floor, so presumably the Nets weren’t in any danger. Maybe. But what if he had? He was on the bench, so he wasn’t that far from being inserted into the game. What if the Sixers didn’t learn of his positive test until after the game? Then what?

It’s easy to say that one positive test shut down the last NBA season. Obviously, we know more now and can take other routes. But still, a player who tested positive was on an NBA bench for any length of time. This was always the problem of having such a packed season, is that there’s very tight windows for tests, results, and what to do when those results come in. There’s a game every other day. You’re almost certainly playing the day after you test, if not the day of.

We may just find out how flexible this NBA schedule can be. And whether or not they’re as craven as MLB and the NFL have shown to be during a pandemic.

On the other side of the NBA, here’s the most artistic possession of the season so far, and probably for a long while:


We know that some of the play so far this season has been wretched, but this sails well beyond that. This is making some sort of statement about the struggling artist, one waiting for inspiration as life is passing by, no opportunities present themselves, so he has to take it. But simply reaching for the brass ring doesn’t always work, whatever the inspirational posters tell you. So you come up with this blunted commentary that isn’t an expression of anything other than desperation and discouragement.

It’s ok, Andre. Sometimes, on the journey, you take a wrong turn or think you’ve reached your destination and it turns out you’re exactly where you’re not supposed to be. The road can lie. Every artist knows this feeling.

We can't be too careful. Two guys in an airport...talking? It's a little fishy.

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