According to Woj, the NBPA executive committee is supporting Michele Roberts, an attorney, for executive director. The vote is about to begin, but it does not sound like any involved are happy about any of it.

Veteran agents, unhappy with the three finalists selected by the search committee—Roberts, another attorney Dean Garfield, and Mavs executive Terdema Ussery—were advising their clients not to vote. Players, on hand in Las Vegas for presentations from the three, were communicating their unhappiness from inside the meetings. Some didn't like the candidates, others didn't like the process by which the candidates were selected.


This has been especially protracted since NBPA actually selected two finalists earlier in the year during All-Star Game weekend, but scrapped them and started the process over again. The new search spearheaded by Kevin Johnson, who abruptly quit last week. At some point today, Jerry Stackhouse became unofficially involved.

James Jones, secretary-treasurer of the NBPA, told USA Today that 300 candidates were contacted and 70 interviewed by the search committee. A major gripe was the experience of the three candidates the committee settled on. Roberts and Garfield have no experience working with the NBA, while Ussery's close-working relationship with former commissioner David Stern was troubling.

Update 12:57 a.m.: Michele Roberts it is.

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