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The NCAA Cracks Down On Concussions, Hurt Feelings

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Rules Committee proposal time! The two most pressing issues facing college football are, in no particular order, kids risking their health and livelihoods by playing with concussions, and losing teams feeling sad.

Sportsmanship is important to the NCAA. So important that they held a whole "sportsmanship week" to kick off last season. You remember that, right? When LeGarrette Blount coldcocked an unsuspecting opponent?

So, yeah, they're trying this sportsmanship thing again, this time by cracking down on taunting. If a player gets flagged for excessive celebration on his way to the end zone (high-stepping, scoreboard-pointing, etc.), they'll be penalized from the spot of the foul. That means no touchdown.


This'll unquestionably work, because if there's one demographic you can expect to stop and think about their actions and potential consequences, it's college-age kids who have grown up with dreams of being pro athletes.

In another recommendation, the committee wants to limit players to a single concussion at a time.

If approved, injured players - including those with concussion symptoms - would have to be cleared by a doctor before returning to competition.

Wait, this would be a new rule? That WR who just got jacked up on his cross route and is now seeing triple and bleeding from the ears, he didn't used to have to see a doctor before coach put him back in the game? It's a miracle any of these kids have survived to get concussed in the NFL.

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