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The NCAA Is Spending More Money Than Ever On Lobbying

With a constant stream of bad press and lawsuits chopping away at its integrity, the NCAA has decided to do what every corrupt institution that has no real reason for existing does when times get tough: throw shitloads of money at lobbyists.

According to Open Secrets, the NCAA has already spent more money on K Street lobbying this year than it ever has before:

Over the first half of 2014, the NCAA already broke its record of yearly lobbying expenditures. During 2013, the NCAA spent $160,000 on lobbying. This year, as of June 30, it has already spent $240,000. That includes $180,000 just in the second quarter, which covers April to June. A new topic appears on every lobbying disclosure filed after March 2014: the "welfare" or "well-being" of student athletes.


The fact that the NCAA even has that much money to spend on lobbyists who are tasked with defending the NCAA's existence is a pretty good argument against the NCAA's existence.

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