Viewers of the Ohio State-Siena game may have noticed a proselytizing attention whore with a John 3:16 sign. But did you see an NCAA security guard snatch it? One eagle-eyed viewer did; roll the tape.

Now, before anyone gets all bent out of shape about the NCAA hating your magical best friend in the sky, I'll remind you that the NCAA prohibits from waving ANY signs at tournament games. It doesn't matter if you're promoting Jesusism, alfalfism, or good old-fashioned heavy metal; the NCAA pooh-poohs it. The First Amendment, that old standby of any healthy uninformed internet argument, doesn't apply here. NCAA Tournament games are private events put on by a private organization. They can ban pretty much anything they want. Unless, of course, you give the NCAA a few million bucks to be a "corporate partner". Then you can plaster your signs anywhere you damn well please.

HT: Adam