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Next season, Colorado and Utah will join the Pac-10 conference, making it the Pac-12 conference. Eventually the league's current domain name, a sensible, will have to change by one character. But for all we know, 2Pac is alive and emerges every now and then to quench his thirst for "Hand Grenades" in downtown New Orleans, and so the Pac-12 appears to be getting played by a 2Pac fan.

The Pac-10-transitioning-to-12 must now take on the (currently anonymous) owner of the domain name, which was originally registered in July 2005. Even so, the conference has reportedly filed a domain name dispute with the World Intellectual Property Forum, as the current registrant only took ownership after the Pac-10 expansion was announced (by the way, I looked into it, and it is not worth trying to make a move on He or she has since left up a smoke-screen widget featuring twelve 2Pac albums for sale on Amazon — "A 12Pac from Tupac." The page's title? "Tupac Lives!" I mean, probably not, but he will have claim to an expanded online presence, until either the Pac-12 proves infringement or pays up for the domain name.


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