Here are your 2013 New York Knicks, Knicksing it up in Madison Square Garden against the Washington Wizards. The Wizards, incidentally, hadn't won in New York since 2006. We say hadn't because the Knicks decided the best defense is none at all and just let a returning Bradley Beal drive unfettered to the rim in the final seconds of the game.

It's a beautiful moment, really. The Wizards clear out the lane for Beal and Beno Udrih lets Beal get by him. Udrih was clearly expecting some kind of help, but Andrea Bargnani was the closest Knick so, yeah. It somehow gets better.

Down one, with 6.9—six point nine—seconds and three timeouts left, Mike Woodson watched as Carmelo Anthony does...something for five-and-a-half seconds and then threw up a ghastly running three-pointer that was lucky to catch some glass.

I'm not even sure that Mike Breen is genuinely incredulous at this point.