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The NFL Distracts You From Gambling With Beer Pong

The NFL is all about building morally upright citizens, which is why they don't cotton to things like fightin', whorin' and gamblin'. But maybe while waiting to watch the big match, you might enjoy their sober new ping pong game.


Tailgating, as you know, is a time for hot dogs and lemonade after you pay $45 to park three miles from your local football stadium. The NFL would prefer that you sit patiently in your cars and listen to the radio while waiting for kickoff, but they understand that you want to loosen up for the long walk to your seat. So why not pass the boredom by throwing ping pong balls at this custom table, emblazoned with the logo of your favorite team? Only $130!

Beer? What beer?

It's a pong table! I suppose you could put cups at the end of the table in some sort of triangular format and maybe throw the balls the into the cups. And if you'd like to put a beverage in the cups to weigh them down, that would be fine too. But who says it has to be beer? Why not water? Or a delicious Coca-Cola Classic™? You could put anything in there really. The important thing is that you're having fun ... and not gambling on it!

By the way, your starting running back is probable with a stiff neck. Probably from all the table pong!

If you came into the stadium and bought 20 cups at $9.50 a piece ... hmmm, maybe you could set up your table on the concourse of the second deck? Or failing that, you could just drink the beer without the aid of a stupid game. You know, like a human?


The NFL Finally Supports Binge Drinking (& Beer Pong) [Beer Pong News; Yes, this site exists.]

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