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The NFL Has No Idea Who's Going To Coach The Pro Bowl

Try to care about the Pro Bowl for a second. Or, rather: try to care about some NFL execs' lives being made more stressful because of the Pro Bowl. (See? Much easier when you think of it that way.)

The Pro Bowl will be held on Jan. 25 in—huh, says here it's in Arizona. Well, that sucks. Players don't even get a Hawaii trip out of it? Why even bother? Anyway, since 2010, when the game was moved to the week before the Super Bowl, the teams have been coached by the staffs of the two highest-seeded teams to lose in the divisional round. This season, that'd be the Broncos and the Cowboys.


But there are some problems with that. Denver cleaned house yesterday, firing John Fox and every assistant. Meanwhile, the contracts of all of Dallas's coaches, including HC Jason Garrett and in-demand defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, have expired, and they're technically free agents.

Clearly, the only solution is to cancel the Pro Bowl.

Or, I dunno, use the Panthers and Ravens staffs, as has been rumored. Whichever.


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