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Steelers punter/holder Mitch Berger says that after Jeff Reed kicked the winning extra point in Sunday's 13-9 win over the Ravens, that cornerback Frank Walker spit in his mouth. Man, good shot.

"The guy dove, he tried to take out Jeff's knee," Berger said to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I went over there and he got up and he spit in my face — and they called it on Jeff for pushing him!"

"I tried to get in the middle to separate him but he got in my face and spit right in my mouth. He spit right in my mouth. I'm still trying to spit that ... out. I was talking to him, trying to separate everybody and he spit right in my mouth."


This beats my previous top NFL spitting incident, when, in 1997 during a Monday Night game, Denver's Bill Romanowski spit at San Francisco receiver JJ Stokes, hitting him in the facemask. That loogie cost Romo a $7,500 fine; mostly because it was caught on television.

We'll see if any cameras caught Walker in the act. I don't believe he would have ever been that accurate before he got braces.


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