Remember Deion Sanders' compeletely batshit bonkers "defense" of Michael Vick for dogfighting? Well, amazingly, the NFL didn't take too kindly to it.

Via The Big Lead, it turns out that the NFL has officially banned Deion from writing the column anymore, specifically a column in response to the reaction to his last one. (Apparently, people were upset.)

Understandably, the NFL did not like that one of the faces of its network was being portrayed as a Vick apologist. Deion sent a column responding to the criticism to The News-Press and the NFL Network on Friday morning.

That night, [Deion's editor] received an e-mail from Thomas George, the NFL Network managing editor, which read: "This column and subsequent variations of it (are) not approved by NFL Network. It cannot run."

We find this disappointing; we encourage anyone at the offices of The News-Press to send us Deion's yanked column. We will happily run it — it seems wrong not to include his defense, no? — and anonymity is guaranteed. Though it will be sad not to have the "approval" of the NFL Network. Whatever will we do?


NFL Network Puts Hold On Deion Column [News Press] (Via The Big Lead)