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The NFL Playoffs Should Do, But Just In Case...

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Truth be told, yesterday's playoff games had some exciting moments, but all of them occurred in the first halves. If these two games today continue that trend, we might be searching for something else to occupy our Sundays. Your other option is to play ActRaiser for the Super Nintendo.

Think how SimCity would be if the mayor of the town was good at swordfighting. You're now thinking of ActRaiser.

Noon, which is now — Bowling: Championship. Applying for a construction job online is just lathe-y. [ESPN Classic]


Also on at noon — Hastily Thrown Together Reality Show: Scott Baio Is 46 ... And Pregnant. But he was just single, like, last year. I forget what show I heard that on. [VH1]

1 p.m. — NFL Playoffs: Chargers at Colts. Unable to locate his big toe all week, the Chargers will appear to at least try to play Antonio Gates. [CBS]

1 p.m. — Bowling: Earl Anthony Classic, Medford, Oregon. I could live blog this instead, if you guys are up for it. [ESPN]

2 p.m. — Movie: Super Troopers. If the playoff game turns out to be a bore, it might not meow be a bad idea to watch some of this. [Comedy]


2 p.m. — NBA: Bulls at Hawks. They're actually going to play the last 47 minutes of this game when it's discovered the Bulls didn't use their normal roster but in fact a CYO team from Aurora. [WGN]

2:30 p.m. — Pool: World Cup of Trick Shots, Uncasville, Connecticut. This gives David Blaine another idea for a trick. Survive an entire month eating nothing but pool table felt. [ESPN]


3 p.m. — NCAA women's basketball: Southern Miss at SMU. I've always been a sucker for a Southern miss. I think it's the accent. [ESPN2]

4:30 p.m. — NFL Playoffs: Giants at Cowboys. If New York loses, I'm sure the local media will understand. [FOX]


4:30 p.m. — College basketball: It, um, doesn't say which teams, but the only 4:30 games are Illinois at Indiana and Stanford at Oregon. Move forward at your own discretion. [CBS]

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