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The NFL Wants To Tell You How Bad Concussions Are In Baseball Your house organ for all of the latest content about The League, and bizarre reminders that baseball's concussion problem is just as bad as football's.

Seriously, what is this?

Concussions have been a major concern in Major League Baseball this season. About a dozen catchers have been placed on the seven-day concussion list because of head injuries, including former MVP Joe Mauer, who has not returned to the Minnesota Twins after almost a month on the sidelines.

USA Today looked at the rise in head injuries among catchers in baseball, showing the trend has been increasing for the past two years.


The story cites additional instances of concussions this season in MLB. But it's not until halfway through that we get to where this baseball story on the NFL's official website is actually going:

Plus, it appears MLB is dealing with the same concussion culture that the NFL has been trying to change.

The "same concussion culture," you say?



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