You knew it was coming—and it's sure to be polarizing—but the NFL has announced that its three London games in 2015 will kick off at 9:30 a.m. Eastern. Which means three different fall Sundays will offer four football games in a row. Your body is not ready.

The three games (Jets-Dolphins on Oct. 4, Bills-Jaguars on Oct. 25, and Lions-Chiefs on Nov. 1) follow in the footsteps of last season's Lions-Falcons breakfast game, which, probably coincidentally, was the only London game so far to be memorable or even watchable. It was novel and pleasant to have football in media res when I rolled my ass out of bed—to not have to commit to three full hours.

Not everyone is pleased! Most notably the fans of the teams involved, because they'll now have to set an alarm and get nice and drunk at sun-up. (Those fans are also salty their teams gave up home games in the first place.) West Coasters, too, are unhappy that the games will start at 6:30 a.m. for them. But West Coasters can go pound sand, because they get a reasonable and delightful 10:00 a.m. game every single week.


But morning football was inevitable—someday we'll probably have it even for games played in the States—because we haven't yet maxed out as viewers. If the NFL can find three more hours a week to sell national ads against, it's going to do it.