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The NFL's Catch Rule Got A Little More Complicated

The NFL published its updated 2016 rulebook this week, and here’s a list of some of the bigger changes. But c’mon, we all want to see what the ever-evolving, always-baffling catch rule looks like now, so we can pretend we have any idea what we’re talking about when there’s a catch controversy.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert has highlighted the new wording in red:


This is classic NFL: attempting to introduce clarity by layering on exactitude, and in the process introducing even more opportunities for ambiguity. How will we define, precisely, the moment a receiver is “capable” of tucking the football or of turning his body? Will his already-extant momentum count as being capable of taking additional steps? What if I don’t want to see 3-2-7-Item 2?

Honestly, CBS may have done Mike Carey a favor by sending him home.

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