The NHL rolled out a new playoff format this season, which some have found a bit confusing. To assist, an employee at Accenture‚ÄĒthe world's largest consulting company‚ÄĒhas passed along a presentation he made for his boss to explain the changes. This is a great pro bono service: Had you personally asked Accenture to prepare such a report, it probably would have run you several thousands of dollars.

I could try to repeat the new rules, but it's easier to just read the NHL's writeup, and then glance back-and-forth at the two charts below. It might take a second, but it will all make sense.

The document also reveals that Accenture's PowerPoint template still features Tiger Woods smacking the shit out of a golf ball, even though the firm was the first to cut ties with golfer back in 2009.


h/t David K.