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The Numbers Are In, And N.C. State Still Sucks

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There are some things in life a person figures out by the time they’re grown: gravity, death, the calculated depletion of media and America at the hand of venture capitalists. And N.C. State’s mediocrity.


Recently some statistical proof came through on that last item. For Wolfpack fans, the numbers are sobering—not for what they reveal, but for what they reinforce. With its 5-2 loss to Florida State last Friday, N.C. State pushed its streak with no ACC titles in football, basketball (men’s and women’s), and baseball to 26 years.

This was first pointed out by a UNC fan, and was then backed up by the only kind of person a UNC fan hates more than a Duke or N.C. State fan: a News & Observer reporter.

There’s really not much more to be said about the above information, mainly because the central thrust of what this information relays—that N.C. State is a program forever doomed to convince itself and its fanbase that the Wolfpack is on the cusp of greatness, just like every 8-year-old who thought they were about to get to the top of that final staircase in Super Mario 64 despite the fact that they didn’t have 70 stars—has been hashed and rehashed here so, so many times.