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The Odd Career Move Of Leo Mazzone

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Anybody else find it kind of strange that former Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone has left Atlanta to take the same job with Baltimore? We understand that he and Ike Turner manager Bobby Cox weren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye anymore — probably because of all the rocking — and we also understand that one can only take so much Tomahawk Chop until one loses one's will to live. We even understand the presumed raise Mazzone got, though we can't imagine he couldn't have got more money from the Yankees.

But Baltimore? Under a manager who has never done this before? What's the upgrade? This is a lateral move — at best — for a guy people have called the best assistant "coach" of all time. We suspect there's a lot more to the Atlanta story than has been been reported; he must have wanted to get out of there very badly. Anybody hear anything?


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(Update: Apparently Mazzone and manager Sam Perlozzo are "best friends." Which is why we make all our career decisions too.)

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