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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Official NCAA Online Store Stopped Selling Penn State Gear Today. Why? [UPDATE]

Illustration for article titled The Official NCAA Online Store Stopped Selling Penn State Gear Today. Why? [UPDATE]

As first discovered by Centre County Report, the PSU College of Communications' news program, the NCAA Shop this morning took down all Penn State merchandise from their site. The Nittany Lions aren't listed among the teams available, and a search for Penn State turns up no results.


We called a site representative, and she was only able to tell us that there was "a problem," and they were told to take down the PSU gear a couple of hours ago. (Centre County Report says the order came down from the NCAA. We couldn't confirm, and are waiting to get comment from the NCAA.) The rep told us there's currently no time frame for making PSU merchandise available again.

This probably isn't sinister. The NCAA has been content to make money off of Penn State gear throughout the scandal, so there's no reason things would have drastically changed today. More likely is a problem with the latest merchandise shipment, or a contractual issue with the supplier. But Penn State fans don't need another coincidence like this one to convince them the NCAA is out to get them.


Update, 11:35 EST: Just as I published, added this note to their front page:

Due to a technical glitch, Penn State product is currently not appearing on the NCAA Shop. We are working diligently to quickly restore all Penn State product back on the NCAA webstore. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Update, 12:20 EST: Penn State stuff is back. Conspiracy theorists, stand down.

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