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The Olympic Hockey Teams' Bedrooms Are Very, Um, Cozy

Canadian journalist Stephen Whyno has arrived at the Olympic village in Sochi, and he got to take a peek at one of the bedrooms that members of the Canadian hockey team will be staying in. It's going to be like being at summer camp!

Russian journalist Pavel Lysenkov was given a brief tour of one of the Russian team's rooms, and he uploaded some video footage to YouTube:

So it looks like the theme for the athletes' quarters is "Unwelcoming and Spartan" (at least there is only one toilet). But it's not all just empty linoleum floors, tiny furniture, and blank white walls in there! Look at this lovely piece of art adorning the wall opposite the beds:


Those tigers might be cute now, hockey players, but after a few days of laying in a tiny bed with nothing else but white walls to look at, you're going to start hearing them whisper things at you.

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