The One Where Erin Andrews And Kirk Herbstreit Rumors Resurface

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These Two Will Never Be Able To Talk To Each Other In Public Without People Thinking They're Boning

You guys may want to look into Erin Andrews and Kirk herbstreet having an affair. I was recently at the Alabama and Penn St game i ran into them at the capstone hotel on campus and they were like 2 giddy college kids. The Herbie did the Nick Saban show at Buffalo wild wings. Why herbie was on the stage at every break him and her were giving the eye looks and hand signals. Everyone there thought it was obvious they had something going on. If true this story would be huge.

This Man Does Not Like People Calling Tony Dungy An "Insufferable Shit"

just want to let you know your a fucking douche. the guy knows ten times more about sports, life, and actual facts then you will probably know if your life. all he said was that everyone will remember that reggie bush was the best. no halo wrapping, no demanding righteousness, just trying to shed light on those that have messed up. i think the situation is that you and all the envious fucks in the world hate religiously on superstars because of their money and fame. or maybe you just have never done wrong or sinned and am able to pass judgment on all these athletes. you are a pathetic piece of shit that needs to appreciate life more and stop wasting time bashing others that are happy. fuck you.

This Man Does Not Like It When Someone Who Is Not Nick Saban's Daughter Is Topless

SUBJECT: Congrats A.J.: On the stellar job with (allegedly) the Saban daughter photo. Great work. Very proud of you, as I'm sure the Emeritus is as well. Outstanding legal wording in the certainly know your way around the libel laws at this point.

Game over. Deadspin has won the championship. Do you need a trophy to go along with all of the participation ones you collected as a child?

Hope everything is worth it in the end.

Fucking scumbag.


Poor Albert Gelson, Jr., Notre Dame Fan, Lost A Bet Last Week

i recently lost a wager on the ND-Michigan game. part of the wager included sending the link to Deadspin.

This Angry Lady Is Not Pleased With Deadspin's Customer Service



Which pic, ma'am?


dear summer please go and die - 3 girls at the beach in bathing suits


No thank you.


NO thank you as you are refusing to remove it? I will be at local police office tonight then with the print out from your website with my picture on it......
Make sure you notify your supervisor as an FYI


Ma'am, it was online already. You're not identified in the picture. The post makes no reference to your picture. If you do a cursory Google Search for "summer girls" that photo pops up. It's merely symbolic.

If you'd like, I'll cut your heads off in the photo so your face isn't shown.

But again, the only way you're identifying yourself is by sending me an email with your name on it.


Therefore, it does not make any sense to post that picture next to the story that does not relate to it at all... Great suggestion for cutting heads, but how about a no? ...... I dont care how you got the picture.... all i know it was posted on your website without my consent or any other girls consents..... it is illegal WE WERE MINORS..... it is also unethical, how would you feel if your family's picture was on some random websites that they were not even aware about>???


I'm gonna think about it.


Ok AJ, I am glad I have your contact address....


...And your co-workers


Are you going to send us all flowers?


Of course - black roses

You sound like such a nice business person, no wonder you are editor chief..... I really wonder how people like you get hired.


What does this conversation have to do with my ability to get hired for a job?


The fact that you are being very inappropriate, and instead of removing the picture and apologizing (not sure if they taught you at your job that customer is always right) you are being a smart ass.... This is not the correct way to deal with people.


How are you a customer? And, please, have your attorney contact

Please don't have him call me anymore.


Don't worry I will be calling you now until you take that picture off.....:and e-mailing you and your editors


That's fine. I like email.


great, i hope your coworkers do 2

Alexia Fortunato Gets Facebook Stalked By Many

These are FB messages Alexia has received from some of you people since she's been helping us out with our Facebook promotion.

Don't you just love being a legend haha

SUBJECT: Where's Niles? There's a few of them... I rep some pro athletes. Depending on which state you're in, maybe we can take in a game sometime :)

how are you..saw you on deadspin..not even sure where your located anywhere near me in new jersey?

let me know if you live in the NYC......

Thanks for the friend acceptance,its always good to have extremely sexy woman on my page


SUBJECT: Check out Steve U. I heard he's hung like present-day Greg Oden, but looks like a 15 year old Greg Oden

Hey there - was scrolling through Deadspin, "liked" the Facebook page, saw A.J. D call men out for not being attractive enough for you.

Well, as you can see by my default, I'm a fairly handsome guy. I work in sports tv, single, good talker, always up for some fun when my crazy hours permit me. If you're interested, check out my page and drop me a shout.

...and if this is a ruse, you're a fake, and there's some fat 40 yr old guy behind a computer when cheese whiz drooling off your chin having a laugh at my expense......... disregard this message.

Creeped out yet by all the Deadspin douchebagers?