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The One Where Everybody Tries To Make Lane Kiffin Look Bad For Drinking Out Of A Red Cup

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We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.


It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...

A Conflation Of Rumors Does Not Make One Larry Eustachy

Attached is a photo spreading around campus at Tennessee that shows Lane Kiffin, Mike Tomlin of the Steelers and current QB coach and Kiffin's brother in law David Reaves at a party drinking and talking to girls that don't appear to be Kiffin's wife. Tomlin came to Knoxville in the spring for a coaching clinic. The rumor going with the photo is about Lane having a DUI covered up and that he was with a 20 year old woman (not his wife) covered up.

Don't know if there is any truth to the rumor but the photo is pretty good and worth sharing.

Deadspin: Your Trailblazer Pipe Outlet

SUBJECT: trailblazer pipes

i would love to buy one from you. i dont have tickets to trade though. just cash. are you the guy that owns them? or could you tell me where you got them? let me know?!
cassie a.

Deadspin: Your John Elway Location Outlet

Dear Sir,

I sent a book to the NFL Hall of Fame as it is listed as the appropriate location to get a book signed by John Elway. Unfortunately, the book was sent to Denver, then returned to me. Do you have any idea where I can mail this book to get it signed? My husband, an active duty soldier, is a huge fan, and would love to get a signed book.

Pam C.

Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Deadspin: University Of Texas 2010 National Champions T-Shirt Outlet

Do you know where I could find a Texas Longhorns 2010 National Champions shirt? I know they're out there, but my Google search has not panned out.


I Don't Know Who This Is More Insulting To

i can see your's almost as ugly as Adam James'

"Joey De La Rosa" Really Wants To Get On Deleted Scenes


You MOTHER FUCKERS haven't approved my account yet. WTF quit being bitches!


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Who do I have to get my sister to suck off so I can get my deadspin account approved. -thadudeinsa


Interesting Theory On The KHL Brawl

While this will likely end up on deleted scenes but there is plenty of speculation that the KHL brawl between Avangard and Omsk was largely for the benefit of the Russian mob who were supposedly in the stands orchestrating the whole thing.

Anatoly Bardin, the pres of Avangard and head of the Independent Russian Hockey Players union went off on SovSport making allegations of mob involvement.

It was supposedly tied to the death of Alexei Charapanov who as you probably recall died on the bench the last time these two team's met because Omsk's medical staff largely had their heads up their asses.

Again this is all allegations but sometimes when there is smoke there is fire. Get your Deadspin Soviet Super spies on it.


I Think This Was Meant For The Mailbag

Hey man I got a question for you. In your
humble opinion who is the sexiest female
reporter in the business: Lindsay Soto,
Wendy Nix, Charissa Thompson, or
Erin Coscarelli?
Omar O.


Beyton Is Playing Against The Ravens This Weekend

I was looking through some old crap the other day and found this Vikings Family Cookbook from 1984. Archie Manning is in it. Notice at the bottom of the page it mentions his kids. Who is Beyton?

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Nick Denton

SUBJECT: You around?


ME: In Seattle. Traveling back tonight. Will be in tomorrow. What's up?

Sent from my iPhone

Nick Denton:

Oh, nothing. I'm back — and was missing you.