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We get a massive amount of tips in our inbox each week. Some are pretty interesting, but don't get published for one reason or another.

It's usually because they're just so absurd or really lack even the most tenuous of news angles to give them the go-ahead. Other times it's because they're just absolute horseshit. But every Friday until we get sick of running them, we'll present to you some of these not-so-shiny gems. All items should be treated as [Sic'd]. Enjoy...


Jay Mariotti: Cad

(Ed. note: Here is an IM conversation between myself and a lovely lady who shared a recent run-in with Jay Mariotti, the soon-to-be Blog Star Of The Chicago Tribune. Some of this has been edited to protect the innocent, but the story is too amusing to pass up. Enjoy.)

AJD: Spill, please
NICE YOUNG LADY:knew about around the horn, whatever, but I certainly didn't know or care who was on it
NICE YOUNG LADY: I pretty much told all of this to mariotti who goes off on how he's a huge star
and how he relates to [NFL Players] because he fears cameras and photos taken of him in clubs as well
NICE YOUNG LADY: and how he can't be spotted with alcoholic beverages (like the one he was holding) because ESPN would ream him out
NICE YOUNG LADY: (unlikely)
NICE YOUNG LADY: and how it's really tough to be so well known
NICE YOUNG LADY:and famous
AJD: Really.
NICE YOUNG LADY: and have everyone up in your grill
NICE YOUNG LADY: I am paraphrasing
NICE YOUNG LADY: he did not use the word "grill"
NICE YOUNG LADY: and he's divorced
NICE YOUNG LADY: and got my number
AJD:Nuh uh.
NICE YOUNG LADY: You cannot use any of this verbatim

EVERRRRRRRRR [hook up with him]

NICE YOUNG LADY:besides I think he had a girlfriend there
NICE YOUNG LADY: some blonde
NICE YOUNG LADY: anyway ... so we talked for quite some time
and he's going on about his schedule, how he films 250 days a year
NICE YOUNG LADY:how it's so intense.
NICE YOUNG LADY: I am not making this up.
NICE YOUNG LADY: okay, now I feel like a gossiping bitch. Am I being a gossiping bitch?
NICE YOUNG LADY:I sort of am.
AJD: Not at all!

Step Inside The Mind Of Tommy Scraggs


(Original doodle before this.)


Plaxico Being Shady? Get Out Of Here!

I live in South Florida and saw none other than mr. plaxico burress on Monday night...albeit briefly...and under VERY SUSPICOUS circumstances. Scene: Crabby Jacks (Pompano Beach). Plax pulls up on his black moped/motorcycle hybrid and comes inside (no one recognizes him as this is a real "good ol" boy type place, but they have great wings and cheap beer!). He goes outside and sits at the bar by himself but DOES NOT order drink(s) and/or food. Crabby's is the type of place where everyone is "partying". A big russian mobster type looking guy comes up and gives plax a big hug...and this is where it gets good....passes off something to Plax!! Plax quickly gets on his bike and takes off down federal highway....I tried to take a camera pic but could not get one quick enough....


BOTTOM LINE: From my "experience" was obvious that Plax was picking up a bag of cha-cha...

Even after plax was obvious that mr. "russian mobster" and his crew were "partying"


Crazy Joe Devanna Still Angry, Crazy


The Herd Is Strong


Fred Boone, Ladies And Gentlemen


An Angry Sauna Would Like Us To Pass A Message Along To Jeff Pearlman


MasterSaunas: You're the douche bag for writing such an article, you rely on athletes and then talk shit when someone retires….fuck off pearlboy…clark had more talent in his left nut then you do in your entire body. Why don't you talk to clark in private if you have a problem instead of spewing onto the internet your deadspin claim…too bad you didn't remember the rest of the verbal beat down you took after the no screw you…..jackass…

ME: What article are you referring to, sir?

MasterSaunas: pearlman...about Will Clark...what an asshole this pearlman is....anybody
can write an article or have an opinion, but pearlman should keep his
thoughts to himself.


Very funny that someone farted in his face though....maybe he should get a
clue...or maybe it's just a vendetta situation with a scorned
women or little boy, maybe the fart wasn't meant for him, pass this email on
to him....

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