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The One Where Some Vindictive Lady Sends Us Pictures Of Matthew Stafford Making Out With His Girlfriend

Due to that awful stomach virus going around, I was unable to get to Deleted Scenes on Friday. Thanks for your concern. So this week you get a double-shot of unseemly Deadspin Deleted Scenes today and Friday.

Girls Are So Mean

From a lady named "Britanny": Anybody still care what Matthew Stafford is doing? I know he was interesting this past summer when he bought his girlfriend Kelly Hall some new boobs... I know her and have seen some interesting pictures of the two of them while in Georgia. Question is, what's he doing in Detroit.


ME: Well what's he doing?

From a lady named " Britanny": Just wanted to see if you were interested in seeing some updated pictures of Stafford... thought he was supposed to be healing that knee of his not getting drunk with his underaged girlfriend.


ME: Sure!

From a lady named "Britanny": Done... hope you enjoy and post these on Deadspin... but I'd like to remain anonymous please!


Visanthe Shiancoe Could Be Charged With Assault For His Backside Dance Moves


Even The Amazing Kreskin Is Trying To Cash In On Tiger Woods

Hi A.J.

Many are posing the question – what does the future hold for Tiger Woods? Will he be able to resurge after his stint in rehab? How will his fans receive him after this unexpected trajectory?


Who better to look into the future than renowned mentalist The Amazing Kreskin? Kreskin, who on December 7, 2007 predicted Barack Obama would win the presidential election when more than 12 presidential hopefuls were still running, feels quite strongly about Woods' future and predicts a certain direction Woods' career will take.

Unlike the new CBS series, "The Mentalist" starring Golden Globe Award nominee Simon Baker as Patrick Jane, Kreskin does not pretend he is a psychic, instead he relies on his intuitive skills and ability to read people's minds to help law enforcement and security personnel get leads on criminal cases. From the hard news formats of CNN, ABC and FOX NEWS to the ingenious madcap of DAVID LETTERMAN and the outrageous humor of HOWARD STERN, Kreskin has become a household name.


Will you let me know if you're interested in speaking with the Amazing Kreskin about his thoughts on Tiger Woods?



According To This Man, Michael Jordan Has The Biggest Cock in All The Land

Whitlock's piece about NBA locker rooms is spot on and crushing for a white, irish kid just hitting puberty. In the late '80s one of my mom's cougar friends was dating a Bulls assistant. He invited me and my dad to the locker room after one of their games. Every guy was porn star big (even though I had yet to see a porno) and MJ was in a class by himself and bigger than Oden.. The baggy shorts weren't a famous statement. They were a necessity.


And This Is Really What Drew Magary's Career Has Come Down To

Isn't that fat guy who writes about poop a Vikings fan? Has he posted a column yet? I bet it'll be funny!

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