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Many of you emailed to inform me that I was inexplicably name-dropped in the Sports Fella's most recent mailbag column, which was quite hilarious, if not a little jarring. Was this another not-so-subtle way of Mr. Simmons extending a bony middle finger to his employer? Not really. It was his own way of responding to the countless emails I'd sent him inquiring about his numerous public and private gripes, which would most often result in a "You know I can't say anything about this...." sort of response. The last pesky question I sent him was about his podcast, The B.S. Report, which hasn't aired in close to three weeks. Once again, he informed me that he could not say anything, but said he had made it up to me in his second mailbag column. Yay? I appreciate the inclusion, obviously, but the podcast question remained. Once again his unresponsiveness to this pretty simple question was a little strange, but luckily some of the dot com side at ESPN issued this email statement via flack:

"Hes been busy i'm told, working on some other writing assignments and book edited...also, he did a bunch of bs reports in a short time so he hasnt gotten to a new..nothing more than that....believe it or not...i know youd like to think otherwise...."


So ESPN says it's because he's busy — but I doubt that's the answer Simmons would give if he could/would ever talk about it again. Maybe we'll find out in this week's mailbag. ESPN About Simmons: Nothing To See Here, Please Disperse [Deadspin]

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