The Only Thing Left To Do Is Yell About The World Series

I love my ace pitcher, Slenderman.
I love my ace pitcher, Slenderman.
Photo: Maddie Meyer (Getty Images)

This can be said in variously Ken Burns-ian tones and with varying degrees of reverence, but October baseball really is different. There is less of it, for one thing, and the few games that remain are more meaningful and more tense, but also everyone is cold and tired and stressed out. In that sense, it is something like the opposite of the rest of the baseball season. At any rate, it’s close enough to it that Drew actually wanted to talk about baseball for once, which was good enough for me. And so we seized the opportunity to talk about Chris Sale’s upsetting physique, John Smoltz’s bleak gift for drowsy grumpage, and the satisfaction that comes with realizing that genius-level athletes are actually kind of dummies.

That was of course not all. We put to bed the stale if not entirely wrong 2006-ass take that Joe Buck is bad, discussed the joy and strangeness of a suddenly trade-heavy NFL and the LeBron-powered Douche Renaissance at Lakers games, and made our weekly assessment of The Gruden Situation, which remains extremely troubling and extremely hilarious. And there was, of course, the usual bullshit: a frank if not terribly informed disquisition on men’s coats, Amelia Earhart, the problem of “going number three” during periods of extreme digestive distress, the dang Rolling Stones, and Donald Trump passing a tremendous kidney stone with his own corporate logo engraved upon it. The usual, more or less. But there is one important twist.


You will hear more about this in the next couple weeks, and we duffed the name of the venue, but after successful sessions in the Twin Cities and Chicago we are doing another live Deadcast, this time in Nashville, on November 5, at Headquarters Beercade Nashville—doors at 5:30, Deadcast at 6:15, and then a chance to drink beers and watch Monday night’s NFL offering at 7:15. We’ll have information on how to get tickets—they’ll be $15 and will come with a drink—sooner than later, but put a pin it and book your travel accordingly.

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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.