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The Pacers Have Had A Busier Morning Than You

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So, you know how the Indiana Pacers have been trying to change their image and become more fan-friendly and less, uh, crime-y?


Well, any goodwill that whole campaign might have earned evaporated around 3 a.m. this morning at a west Indianapolis strip club called Club Rio, when four Pacers were involved in an incident involving gunfire, a vehicular assault and, yes, now that you mention it, a little weed. Oh, and Stephen Jackson was involved. No, really, he was.

[A police officer] said Stephen Jackson fired five shots from a 9-mm handgun after someone hit him in the face and tried to run him over with a vehicle outside Club Rio at about 3 a.m. Video from a security camera outside the club captured part of the incident, and authorities were looking for a blue Oldsmobile.

Jackson, Jamaal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels and Jimmie Hunter had argued with another group of men at the club... one of the men punched Jackson in the mouth and then got into a vehicle and ran into him, police said. The attackers fled after Jackson fired his handgun. Police do not know if anyone was injured or if the bullets struck the man's vehicle.

When they searched the players' car, they did find marijuana, but they didn't find Eddie Griffin, which is probably best for everyone involved. No charges have been filed, and it doesn't appear the players are even being investigated for any crimes ... but it doesn't look good, and the timing, as Larry Bird could surely tell you this morning, stinks.

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