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The Panthers Lesbian Cheerleaders Police Report

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You know what time it is, folks? That's right, it's Lesbian Cheerleader Time!

The brilliant minds at The Smoking Gun, fresh off their destruction of James Frey, have gotten a hold of the police reports documenting witness accounts of Carolina Panthers cheerleaders Angela Keathley and Renee Thomas having their way with each other in a Tampa nightclub bathroom. It's, um, a rather detailed report. A highlight, from victim Melissa Holden's testimony:

Holden said that defendent Keathley was standing on the toilet and her head was above the stall. Holden further stated that defendant [Thomas'] feet were facing inward toward Keathley's body. Holden stated that Keathley was making facial expressions and noises that were consistent with that of a person engaged in sexual activity.


The Penthouse Letters-esque report is corroborated by two other witnesses and is easily printed out for your own bathroom escapades.

In The Stall With Those Cheerleaders [The Smoking Gun]

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