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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Passion Of Dr. Narwhals Mating

Gif: Sam Woolley

With Drew still loose in the rustic wilds of Maine—we have received credible and deeply disturbing reports of him scampering up scenic mountains and devouring crustacean-centric meals in ways that horrified bystanders—the Deadcast casts its gaze back upon past glory this week. There’s a lot of glory there, of course—it’s not for nothing that the Deadcast is widely known as America’s Most Reliably Perfect Podcast—but this week’s decision was an easy one.


These are dark and confounding times, every day is startlingly dumber than any day before, the world is literally in flames in various places. None of us are at anything like full strength. In other words, it is the ideal time to revisit the Name Of The Year Bracket, the annual tradition that reliably restores faith in the human spirit in a way no other tradition ever could.

Oh, what fun we had, Drew and Site Emperor Megan Greenwell and me. We met the Reverend Dongo Pewee. We befriended a person named Miracle Crimes. We were treated by Dr. Megha Panda and also Dr. Makenlove Petit-Fard and the esteemed Dr. Narwhals Mating. We argued about Mike Diaper more than I remembered. It also came up that someone I went to college with abruptly took a bath at a New Year’s Eve party I attended in my early 20s. We also talked about private equity looting and destroying a publication for apparently sociopathic reasons which, ha ha, wow remember that shit. Were we ever so young? Also we discuss Wayne’s World a little bit, which is low key a thing we do kind of a lot.

Anyway, anyway: we will always have Mike Diaper. The world will still surprise and delight us. We will be back.

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David Roth is an editor at Deadspin.