Oh, what fun we had, Drew and Site Emperor Megan Greenwell and me. We met the Reverend Dongo Pewee. We befriended a person named Miracle Crimes. We were treated by Dr. Megha Panda and also Dr. Makenlove Petit-Fard and the esteemed Dr. Narwhals Mating. We argued about Mike Diaper more than I remembered. It also came up that someone I went to college with abruptly took a bath at a New Year’s Eve party I attended in my early 20s. We also talked about private equity looting and destroying a publication for apparently sociopathic reasons which, ha ha, wow remember that shit. Were we ever so young? Also we discuss Wayne’s World a little bit, which is low key a thing we do kind of a lot.


Anyway, anyway: we will always have Mike Diaper. The world will still surprise and delight us. We will be back.

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